Real things to do

Since the first wave of standardization with initiatives like ITIL, SILA™ or Allotrope™ the common web and IT standards have evolved. This good approaches did not undergo a symbiosis to form the 2nd generation of standard. Including modern developments like AI or Ontologies.

Others – banking, finance – were the first equipe of digitization and they created this modern patterns. Now it is up to us to bring a fusion of chemistry and IT into good practice!

That is the reason why we found this NPO / Verein to bring all stakeholders together.

80% of all projects reinvent the wheel. Let’s stop that.

We want to establish blueprints for:
IoT interoperability
– a minimum LIMS and ELN lingua franca
Data Science libraries inventory
– A Common Blockchain Infrastructure

Also one open source ontology should be a goal for us.

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